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Soccer Training

Soccer camps are generally organized in cooperation with local soccer associations, which are characterized by a particularly good youth program.

On all days during the soccer camp, the participants are provided with food and drinks. This includes snacks and fruit for the afternoon breaks in addition to a warm lunch.

Summer soccer camps offer soccer training with plenty of fun and action. A varied sequence between qualified training and great games, tournaments and a lot of individual and team competitions are the order of the day. Camp counselors are trained on the subject of soccer camps and are characterized by their special way of dealing with children. Many are members of the teachers associations.

Numerous competitions are generally held during the soccer camp. Fun is guaranteed and the best players in the various age groups get great awards. The highlight will certainly be the search for the "player of the year". At all camps, a "player of the camp" is determined. This is the player who collects the most points in all competitions in team and individual competitions. This player receives a trophy and is in the running for the title of "Player of the year", with a chance to win a scholarship.

The parents versus children game is one of the highlights of the entire kids soccer camp. When father against son compete in the 1-to 1 competition or mother against daughter in the obstacle course, there are no dry eyes in the house. And before the award ceremony, the kids play against their counselors.

The summer soccer camp concludes with the award ceremony, where each participant is presented with a Memorial Cup and the winners of the various contests receive their medals.

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